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How to find the apartment of your dreams in 5 points

22 Feb 2019

Big decision: you want to change your mind and have not renewed your lease for next July. Apart from the question of rent, do you know what criteria are important when choosing your new apartment? The easiest way is to make a list with all your wishes, and then classify them into three sections: what is priority, what is desirable and what is optional. Here are some ideas to help you.

The district

For some, the location of their apartment is more important than the dwelling itself. The choice of a neighbourhood comes by definition with a certain lifestyle. Would you prefer a dynamic or quiet neighbourhood? Will your new neighbourhood be friendly and friendly? Is it pleasant to walk around the area? Does the city or borough offer several community facilities to its residents? Many questions to which we must find answers....

The proximity

In the same vein as neighbourhood choice, proximity is one of the most important issues when it comes to shopping for an apartment. How much time do you want to spend on transport morning and evening to get to work? Will your new home be close to public transit or will it have parking? How far do you want to live, from a park, shops, friends? These are not such innocuous questions, you'll see.

The size

We often move because the size of our apartment no longer suits us... So how many rooms do you need? Will you need a home office? Do you want to be able to host several friends at the same time for dinner? So much to be expected!

The comfort

Sometimes it is the search for a slightly more cozy nest that makes us move. So what is important to you? Better soundproofing, a well-insulated home, a washer-dryer entrance, an air conditioning system, access to a gym, a swimming pool? Would you prefer to live in a large building with a caretaker on site or in a small duplex with a private entrance? Is it important to you that there is a janitor on site or surveillance cameras in the building? Who knows: it's up to you...

The look

Are you more of a homemaker and do you enjoy relaxing at home? Perhaps the interior style of your apartment will be more important to you then. Do you prefer old apartments with a period character or do you prefer renovated and hypermodern apartments? Do you stick to your hardwood floors? Do you want a large balcony, terrace or courtyard that you can arrange as you wish? In this matter, everything is a matter of taste....


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